Let’s start

Motivated to build a website

start something new

I decided to get out my comfort area: motivating myself to build and feed a website about B2B marketing.
That’s not a new fresh start. 
Not yet.
But the beginning of my journey on the web. 
As many, I decided to publish , share and discuss, around my main skills and competencies ; and later on i’ll certainly move toward monetizing them.
I spent a few days to learn and experience the construction of a website, i do believe that the structure is almost ready. Still a lot to discover and learn , but eager to move from theory to experience .Then let’s open this website to public and feed its content with valuable articles and insights.

dare to jump out of the comfort area

Beyond doubts and fears
Of course, there are a lot of questions and doubts to go through.
Is it serious and attractive enough for my target ? Am I able to feed regularly the articles section with funny and useful information ? Do I look like stupid ? Where do I go ? 
The answers are that I don’t have the answers ! 
But I am motivated to build my website.
So better go , learn by doing , expecting the best from you ,readers.
Do not hesitate to comments and share your questions and suggestions.


Share your comments, suggestions and questions

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