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  • 30 years of B2B experience in Product Marketing Management,
  • thousands of exchanges with users of industrial automation solutions,
  • and years of leadership of multi-cultural teams,

Either you look for support to enhance your marketing team efficiency, or you look for experiences and stories to illustrate your deliveries, 
or you just want to spend a few minutes discovering simple stories about people, products, and more.
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Recent News and Articles

Product Manager?

What is a product manager ? Everybody has his own understanding, or believing. Often wrong. I gave some insights in a previous post, describing simply Marketing There are more to tell and share : Alex Valaitis shared very interesting insights…

PowerPoint kills you

How would you communicate your actions to others without a PowerPoint file? Can you imagine attending a meeting where PowerPoint is banned? As a matter of fact, PowerPoint took power over your communication rituals. PowerPoint reached such a level of…

Shortest plan ever

We are always under the pressure to deliver quickly, to propose alternative plans, to challenge our marketing plan before tomorrow. Well , you know it’s always stressful when you face this situation. I’d like to share with you the template…

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