1 comment on “Why you must meet with customers ?”

Why you must meet with customers ?

Can you imagine that the genius who described customer's needs, never met any customer? Not a single one?Awkward question! One might therefore wonder why I ask.To unveil customer's need is the essential mission of the product manager. Being the customer's…

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What is B2B Marketing ?

B2C, B2B or BtoB, B2B2B, B2B2C, just an extract from an acronyms list to leave the dummies outside of the expert's discussion. That's bad !Like many other domains, the marketing and his folks have an incredible list of acronyms and…

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What is Marketing ?

What is marketing ?

    Marketing is often misunderstand. The real roles, responsibilities and actions of marketer are most of the time, wrongly seen. From outside point of view, people do not get the crucial importance of Marketing and its army of marketers.…

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