You are looking for a professional and affordable services in the product marketing management field, in simple words: Coaching for Product Marketing Managers.
I’m please to introduce what I can do for you.

Take time to discover a summary of services on this page.
Coaching , training , documents creation, and even more. I can help you to build and deploy your product marketing activity, from strategy definition, to offer creation and launch and ultimately product management all along the products lifecycle.

Most importantly, the first and essential step is a discovery discussion between us. My mission is simply to ensure the right definition and description of your need.

Copy Writing

Product Marketing Manager is delivering or collaborating to several documents and several media.
Technical document such as user guides , thought leadership and white paper , web pages, leaflets and presentations files … words and pictures to deliver your values.

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Together , we can create the marketing assets that are supporting your offer. Starting by a simple debrief of your offer and targets, clarifying the values you are delivering to your targets. Here are what I can write for you:

Coaching for Marketers

Either your need to grow the competences and skills of your product marketing managers team, or you are a product manager who needs to be guided on the path of learning, I can deliver you my experience through coaching sessions. That’s coaching for Product Marketing Manager, and it’s always customized to your needs.

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Together , we can navigate through the complete journey of the Product Marketing Manager, or focus on some topics that will fit your need of development. Here are what I can coach you to get better results:

Training for Product Marketing Managers

In a constantly moving market, growing his competencies is key. However, you haven’t the required time to search for learning materials, and even less time to learn and experience your newly acquired knowledge.

Do you have time to search and use some the millions trainings available on internet?
My proposal is to build training books, presentations, and even deploy them , customized to your need and your availability.

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Whatever your need are soft skills or hard skills. I will be please to combine my knowledge, my experience and the latest material available on web to build your customized learning tools. I can cover: