Coaching for Marketers

Either your need to grow the competences and skills of your product marketing managers team, or you are a product manager who needs to be guided on the path of learning, I can deliver you my experience through coaching sessions. That’s coaching for Product Marketing Manager, and it’s always customized to your needs.

Need Help?

Together , we can navigate through the complete journey of the Product Marketing Manager, or focus on some topics that will fit your need of development. Here are what I can coach you to get better results:

  • Market research – web digging.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Create and deliver your product strategy.
  • Collect customer’s voices and build your customer’s understanding.
  • Create your offer requirements document.
  • Define your Go-to-Market.
  • Build your price analysis.
  • Define your KPI, key performance indicators
  • Launch plan and its collaterals
  • Manage your product up to its end-of-life.

Please to discuss with you

The most important for you and me is to ensure that your need is clearly defined. Therefore, for a first discovery of your need, just fill the form below and I will contact you for a short discussion.