Marketing for Product Managers

Coaching is aiming for excellence.

Great Product Managers

When you hire promising newbies,  or want to level up the skills level of your marketing team ; your target is to raise a team of champions. Champions of value creation.
They are the Product Marketing Managers! 
Your goal is to work with Great Product Managers.
How can you reach your goal?  How can you stay on the virtuous road of success?
Education is a part of the answer. Coaching by experienced marketers is one of your main action.

Train your product managers.

Even marketers are not doing sales, their action is directly impacting your revenues.
Marketers must increase their skills through permanent education. This education must be sustained and strengthen with experience. 

There are tons of books about Marketing. Some to read, some to forget. Here is my short selection.
The books are about theory,  tools, and sometimes a few use cases. 
The books are giving you an overall understanding of marketing and its theory, plus some descriptions of roles and responsibilities.
The marketing jobs are always evolving, new functions appear thanks to digitization, and old functions disappear or change … every day.
I don’t think that you may challenge this need: your marketers must be trained. I would say they must be in a permanent training program to discover and acquire new knowledge.
Reading books is one way among several.
But the books do not lead you to the excellence level.

Share knowledge from experienced product managers. 

Training your team is more efficient than you can guess!
Despite what I wrote above, you need theory from books and academic education to start building the bases of the knowledge. This is always great to learn from famous agencies, renowned universities and colleges, or marketing gurus.
However, the robustness of knowledge comes from experience.

I offer you 30 years of robust experiences, built on failures and successes, to bring up your team with customized coaching.

Make it easy and efficient.

I recommend a few simple steps. Your need is to understand the gap between today’s facts and the level of excellence you wish to reach. Long journey, but accessible if you give yourself time to go step by step.
Collect: Connect with you and your team to Listen and Observe your day-to-day working rituals.
Whatever those rituals are processes, tools, habits, written or oral rules…

Analyze: share and challenge the discoveries. Highlight the strengths and define your goal of progress with a simple list of Improvement areas.
Set an ambitious but achievable calendar, then the result is a customized action plan.

Take Action: decide and execute your customized action plan. Follow up on the progress. Ultimately, measure the results to decide either a further step or some corrective actions.

As a result, you will see improvements in the long run.
Unfortunately, you will also encounter some resignations both from the champions and from those who are lagging far behind your average competent team members.

product marketing jobs are always evolving

The marketing roles and responsibilities in B2B are in a permanent change.
The accessible technologies and information are changing every day.
Internet delivers a daily tsunami of data and information, creating new opportunities and new jobs.
We all see e-commerce, digital marketing, and digital user experience are booming.
What you know today, will be obsolete or useless tomorrow. Moreover, the basis of knowledge must be challenged and re-challenged. You have to learn every day to keep up-to-date your skills and sustain your performance.

Robust and up-to-date coach?

You should challenge the credibility and knowledge of the coach you are selecting!
 Is it possible to entrust a third party for the training and coaching of key resources that are always evolving?
Coaching is aiming for excellence, therefore your customized plan must be built on 3 major principles :
– Formalize experience and knowledge acquired along with years of experience by the coach.
–  Get a coach who learns what you do not have time to learn by yourself. Then enhance your team’s education by transferring new learning.
– a clear method to measure the results.

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